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Take My QuizThe monkey drug trials of 1969 were one such case. In this test, exam help large group of monkeys quiz help rats were expert examination help inject themselves with an collection of drugs, adding morphine, alcohol, codeine, cocaine, quiz help amphetamines. Once the animals were capable of self injecting, they were left exam help their very own instruments with exam help large supply of each drug. The animals were so disturbed as one would expect that some tried so hard exam help escape that they broke their arms in the procedure. The monkeys taking cocaine suffered convulsions quiz assist in some cases tore off their own hands possible as exam help end result of hallucinations, one monkey taking amphetamines tore all of the fur from his arm quiz help stomach, quiz help in the case of cocaine quiz help morphine mixed, death would occur within 2 weeks. The point of the test was simply exam help consider the consequences of dependancy quiz help drug use; exam help point which, I think, most rational quiz help moral people would know didn’t require such horrendous remedy of animals.